Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pearsall Visit & Baby Shower

I know I am WAY behind on blogging so here goes…
March 3rd through the 9th I spent in Pearsall with my family. Everyone was going crazy, dying to see Shelby. She is growing and changing so quickly and none of them want to miss out. I spent the week just hanging out, playing Guitar Hero with Allison and Dan, and I even got to rider Colonel Thunder!

I don’t think I even held Shelby during our visit! She was always in one of my family’s arms and there was normally a waiting list! In the evenings after her bath, when she was warm and snuggly in her night gown, I would take her to my Dad. He would hold her and talk to her; she loved it. The week before our trip she had just started smiling and while my Dad was talking to her one night she gave him a big smile; for the rest of our trip he gloated to everyone that she smiled at HIM first!

My Mom loved to take her when she was being fussy and needed calming. Mom would walk all around the house talking to her. Then she would walk to the schoolroom and show Shelby the map, pointing out different locations and telling her all about them. She LOVES to be talked to and would just stare with her bright blue eyes eating it all up.

Uncle Ben loves Shelby so much; I can already tell he will be very protective of her. He liked to hold her after he got in from work and was chillin' on the couch.

Allison loves her new title “Aunt Allison” and would scoop her up and absorb her cuteness. I know that the two of them will be very close. You can’t help but to love my Didder!!! BTW-Didder is my nickname for Allison she calls me it too. The story behind the name is too long and confusing so if you think about it sometime you can ask me about it in person. LOL

Dan is truly an amazing uncle. He is so caring and protective of her! Anytime she’s upset he wants her right away. He and Allison got in a few big fights over who would take Shelby. Many times he would win, snatch her up, and immediately begin to soothe her. She loves him! I was surprised how much he wanted to be with her. I figured the “new would wear off” and then he would go about his normal activities but as soon as he was through with school he was glued to my side again wanting to know how he could help with her.

On Thursday Dan and I drove up to Bandera to introduce the new addition to her great grandparents, cousins, … I got so many pictures and everyone took a turn holding her. I won’t say any names but there were a few that insisted on more than one turn. ;) You know who you are!

Then on Saturday Jason’s dad, Monte, and oldest brother, Josh, came to see Shelby. This was their first time seeing her; I got tons of pictures and video. When I handed her to his dad she began to fuss, having had seven children of his own he knew exactly what to do to calm a crying baby. He swaddled her and began walking and bouncing her. She took right to him and calmed down. Then Uncle Josh took a turn holding her and proceeded to talk to her. I am so glad that they were able to come see her. California is entirely too far away!

Later that afternoon some friends threw me a wonderful baby shower. A very dear friend hosted the shindig at her beautiful house in the country. The hostesses did a wonderful job planning it; we ate lots of yummy food and of course cake; we played games, chit chatted, and then I opened all the thoughtful gifts from everyone. Just to list a few…Shelby was given educational books, toys, tons of much needed diapers and baby wipes, and of course plenty of adorable girly outfits.

Our visit to Pearsall was an amazing one but it had to end. :( Upon returning home Sunday evening I was sad to be 5hrs. from my family once again, but I was also glad to be home and able to get back to our normal routine. Home again home again!

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