Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh the joys of motherhood!

Warning: If you are squeamish continue reading at your own risk.
This morning when I was conducting the endless ritual of changing Shelby's diaper something unexpected happened. I removed her diaper and then reached down to get a wipe. (This is your last warning!!! Consider looking away.) I heard something and looked up to see poop shooting across the table and almost hitting the door! It was everywhere! On her new diaper, on a stack of clothes sitting on the changing table, ON MY PHONE, and all over the floor. After running to grab a roll of paper towels and antibacterial wipes I spent the next 10 minutes cleaning up the mess. Is my child pressurized?
Needless to say I added baby bath time to our morning.
Please leave comments about any funny baby stories you have. I would love the here from you! :)


  1. The first baby visit we had to the pediatrician, I thought it would so wise of me to have Blaine in a fresh diaper. I'd look like such a good Mama! So I took him into the bathroom with my Mom as the supervisor and started to change his diaper. After I got his diaper off, he started to pee. It went straight up! And all over me and my Mom. She and I just stood there and laughed through it. Meanwhile they called us to go into the appointment and my Mom and I were in the bathroom laughing uncontrolably. So Paul came into the women's bathroom and had to finish the job, because I couldn't! Didn't I look like a great Mom?!?

  2. Nutty Mama, I loved reading your baby story. I laughed so hard! Us mommy's and our diaper humor. :)


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