Monday, February 8, 2010

Shelby's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Shelby's 1st birthday a few days early on January 16th 2010. Those in attendance were as follows:
Gary, Angela, Ben, Allison and Daniel S.
Jim and Cecilia S.
Tom S.
Monica, Sara, Emily, and Hannah H.
Becky R.
Meredith H.

Sara and Shelby playing. I just love how lady-like Shelby is sitting in her party dress!

Emily having a great time!

Little Hannah munchin' on a cracker.

Shelby's cake - a 3 tier white cake with strawberry icing.

Emily and "her baby". :)

Shelby playing with the Wii remote.

Mrs. Raymond and Shelby

Allison, Meredith, and Ben eating lunch.

Speaking of is what was on the menu:
Homemade chili using the Carol Shelby's chili mix.
Topping for chili - Fritos, avocado, purple onion, cilantro, sour cream, and shredded cheddar cheese
Homemade tortillas
Chips and Velveeta cheese dip
Venison summer sausage and cheese cubes with crackers
Hot dogs with your choice of wheat or white buns

And for dessert:
Birthday cake of course!
Blue Bell vanilla ice cream

Opening Gifts

Sara and Emily helped Shelby unwrap her gifts.

These outfits were from the Halsey family and the Tom Schmidtke family.

The striped shirt my Mom is unwrapping was from my Mom and Dad.

Sara is opening a gift that Momo sent.

Emily is checking out the Christmas Iguana that Mr. Bishop sent. It sings Feliz Navidad! Ha ha. Shelby was a little scared of it at first but now she likes it.

Mom opening the Tinker Bell couch Jason and I got Shelby.

She didn't want to stay put and sit on it for the picture.


Finally a laugh! :)

Cousins chillin' out.

Playing with her Panda Beanie Baby from Momo. When I was a little girl I had a big panda stuffed animal that I named "Mr. Gulick Bear" and he was my favorite stuffed animal for a long time.

See the silver coin bank to the left of the pictures on the coffee table? That's what Meredith gave Shelby. It's a very beautiful keepsake.

Shelby with her fawn from her Uncle Buck (aka: Ben).

Finally it was time to sing Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Shelby.....and then her cousin's, Sara and Emily, helped her blow out the candle.

Time to dig into the smash cake!

She was a little dainty and did not just grab a handful...she started with just a finger of icing.

Wait....two hands now!

Lick those fingers :)

I just love that sweet face!

Shelby had a wonderful 1st birthday and made lots of memories.

Speaking of memories I wanted to share with you the activities that I planned for her party. Some were just for fun and some were for more sentimental reasons.

  1. I had the idea to create a slide show of my favorite pictures of Shelby. Jason liked to idea and wanted to make it. I love how it turned out! The slide show played on the TV during her party. I think the party guests enjoyed seeing the pictures.
  2. I took a cute pink baby bottle and filled it with Cheerios. Guests were asked to guess how many Cheerios there were. Jim won with his guess of 262.
  3. A sweet pink and white striped paper pad was provided for guests to write notes to Shelby. Here is the instruction I left next to it: "As our little Shelby turns one we want to let her know how much she is loved. Please take some time to write a message to our little one. Let her know how much she means to you, how she has touched your life, your hopes and dreams for her....or anything on your heart. Then place your message in her keepsake box and when she is older she will be presented her box and can rad and ponder all the sweet words and cherish them in her heart."
  4. Lastly, I chose some poems online about baby's first birthday that were meaningful to me. I asked Allison if she would print them off on pink paper and decorate the poems. Of course she said she would. The poems were displayed on the cake table. Here are the poems I chose:

    A One-year-old child is so many things --
    A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
    A hugger of Teddies,
    A sweet sleepyhead,
    And someone to dream for in bright years ahead...

    You're as cute as a bug
    So precious to hug
    A darling child
    Who's nice to be near.
    So.. hope turning one
    Is happy and fun
    And takes you along
    To a second great year

    It's your very first birthday, baby,
    One candle on your cake;
    Proud parents stare in wonder
    At each new move you make.

    We join in celebration,
    As this special date arrives,
    For baby has brought pleasure
    Into all our lives.

    We look forward now to seeing
    How you progress and grow,
    From the cute and tiny infant
    You were one year ago.

    So dig into your icing;
    Enjoy your presents, too.
    The reason for this day
    Is a special person--you!

    Covered in cake and icing,
    Your smile stretched ear to ear.
    A single candle celebrates,
    The joy of your first year.

    We sing Happy Birthday,
    You play midst wrap and bows.
    We marvel at how you touched our lives,
    Just one year ago.

    I remember the first time I held you,
    Kissed your head, whispered your name.
    You've changed our lives forever,
    Our hearts will never be the same.

    As a child you'll love this day,
    For all the sweets and presents too.
    As parents we'll love your day,
    For the gift we got was you.

    Each year we'll add another candle,
    So proud to see you grow.
    But always with the memory,
    Of your first day long ago.

    Teddy bears and seas of blue
    Smiling in honor of you
    An infant, not long ago
    Now, one candle is aglow
    You are growing up so fast
    How quickly a year has passed
    You are special, sweet, and wise
    A present before our eyes.

    For a year, I’ve watched you shine
    An angel I can call mine
    Sent from Heaven, just for me
    Filled with hope and dignity
    A blessing, now and always
    You brighten all of my days
    Precious child, I love you so
    More than anyone could know.

    Baby’s breath and sun-filled skies
    Ladybugs and lullabies
    Starry nights and bright moonbeams
    Tender hearts and lasting dreams
    Each, a gift within your view
    During this time, made for you
    May only good things come your way
    On this, your very first birthday.

    A year's gone by,
    How time has flown,
    We can't believe

    How Shelby's grown! She's such a joy
    And so much fun,
    Oh my! Our baby's
    Turning One!