Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday, October 17th at 2pm, we took Shelby to her first ever Boo at the Zoo. I figured since we spent ten bucks on a Halloween costume for Shelby that she should at least get 2 uses out of it! Oh yea, and have some fun too! :)
So after her nap I got her all dressed up and we headed out. She was a pink lady bug with hearts instead of spots! AHW!

First they had to pose for a picture.

We entered Shelby in the costume contest for ages 0-4 in hopes that she would whip all the other kids hineys! What? I'm not competitive. ;)
See the little girl dressed as Ragitty Ann? She ended up winning second. I am not sure who won first. Shelby didn't place. :(

Posing for the judges.

Don't cha just love her antennas!

By this time she was hot and ready to go. So she was in kick back mode.

The ACU Homecoming Parade

Yesterday morning, October 17th at 9:30am, was Abilene Christian University's Homecoming Parade. Jason and I decided to take Shelby. I had never been and wanted to go and knew Shelby would enjoy all the floats and boy did she!

Look at her excited face!

Here she is waiting for it to start. She could hear the band but couldn't see anyone yet. I love how she is leaning as far forward as the stroller will allow!

Here it comes; the parade began with the police truck.

Next were the horses!

And then one of my favorites...THE BAND! I love to hear a good band.

Watching the band play their hearts out.

"Look at Mommy!"

We had a wonderful time. It was the perfect weather to enjoy a parade, cool and crisp.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A not so cool two-tone paint job

Today I was noticing my unpainted, unpolished, and un-cute nails. I used to paint my nails ALL THE TIME. I would never go anywhere without my toes painted. Well, a few months ago I removed my chipped polish and never reapplied it. So today I decided to break this pattern. I painted my toe nails a pretty french tip and then it was on to my hands.

Shelby had been napping and I knew she'd wake soon but Jason was home and I knew that if my nails were wet he could take care of her for a while. Well, that was not exactly the case. She pooped!!! I deal with poopy diapers ALL THE TIME, but Jason...not so much. He does pee but not poo. So with wet nails I stood next to the changing table and chuckled. By the time he finished...well, I won't go there.

After that fiasco I returned to the living room to put the second coat of polish on. By this time Shelby was well rested and roaming everywhere. She kept grabbing my nail polish, my cotton balls, and my clippers. After taking all of it away I was a little distracted. I just wanted to hurry up and finish.

Finally they were done. And of course I ended up nicking and scuffing them all up because I didn't have the patience to wait for them to dry all the way before I started straightening the house.

A few minutes ago I looked down and realized that I put a totally different polish color on as the second coat. So now I have maroon nails with hot pink peeking through! Nice!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A day of fun with a little mischief here and there!

I have a funny story to share with you. On Sunday Jason was at the kitchen table working on the computer and I was in the bathroom primping and putting on makeup. When I came out to see what they were up to I found this....

A very happy baby covered in crumbs! Shelby had pulled every last magazine and newspaper off the coffee table along with a plate of peanut butter cookies. She then proceeded the settle herself down on the floor next to the plate and eat away. She had happily devoured almost an entire cookie before I discovered what was happening. But I could not bring myself to be mad at her. Instead I grabbed the camera and snapped away. Then I scooped her up and covered her in kisses; she's just too sweet to be mad at!
Later in the afternoon the weather was cool and inviting...too good to pass up! So Jason and I took Shelby to Fort Imagination Park. I've seen the playground many times before but had never been in it so I was skeptical to see if there was anything that we could actually let Shelby do.
They did have baby swings so we decided to put her in one and see how she liked it. She has never swung before. SHE LOVED IT!
I can take no credit for these amazing pictures; Jason took them all. I think he did a great job and they rank right up there with a professional photographer. I will definitely be framing some!

Next it was time for some fun on the slide.

Did you know Jason was half man, half kitten?

She kept looking back at the children playing.

Daddy held her on the seesaw horse.

Flying the airplane.

"NO, STOP! Don't put your mouth on that." Oh, well...too late.

Looking up at me.

Look at her standing! She stood for a while and never got shaky legs. She's very strong.

Watching the other children run and play.

Still gaucking.

Look at that face!