Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Merry & Not So White Christmas

 I will begin with Christmas Eve....

I made good ol' biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.
Shelby loved it and cleared her plate.
Jason...not quite awake yet.

After we attended the Christmas Eve service we took some pictures.

I gave Shelby her stocking to take a pic with it and this is the first thing she did!


Shelby got to open one gift.
Then we made cookies and set them out for Santa along with some milk. Both of which Shelby thought was hers and tried to eat/drink! Then we snuggled up warm in our beds and awaited CHRISTmas morn. 

Christmas day began at 7:30 when I awoke and began preparations. My list of Christmas morning duties are as follows: make the house pretty-turn on the Christmas lights, light candles around house and pillar candles in fireplace, turn the fireplace CD on the TV (http://www., turn on Christmas music, set out the homemade cinnamon rolls to rise, and lastly set out the following poem and a letter to each of my sweeties in front of the fireplace.

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Jesus Christ was born this day
So many years before
He came a servant to the lost
Though he was Lord of Lords

We celebrate this joyous time
Reflecting on His birth
Not born in a mansion, but a stable
As if He had no worth

He came so He could identify
With the human heart of man
And gave His life as a sacrifice
Offering a better plan

A plan that reconciles us back
To our loving Father God
Bringing hope and redemption from
Sins ruling iron rod

For this is the only reason that we
Should celebrate this day
To become focused on anything else
Would take the meaning away

So let’s arise with joy in our hearts
And share it with everyone
The meaning of Christmas will always be
The birth of Jesus – God’s son

© By M.S.Lowndes


Jason's Grandma Conrad made these for us this year. Aren't they beautiful!

Then I woke Jason and Shelby and we all gathered around the computer to Skype my family. My Dad read the Christmas story aloud with the whole family gathered around as is tradition and then we watched while they opened their gifts. Then Jason, Shelby and I gathered around the table for a warm, gooey cinnamon roll breakfast. 

Next we set up the laptop by the tree and opened gifts while my family looked on and shared the moment with us.

The baby doll wanted to go for a ride!
Feeding her horse a carrot.
The horse from Mommy and Daddy was definitely the favorite. She didn't want to open any more after the horse.
Opening the Disney Princess toy CD player from Momo

They were overjoyed being able to see Shelby tear the paper and see the excitement in her face at each new toy! They said it was the next best thing to being with us.

We then said our goodbyes.

The 3 of us spent a while laying on he living room floor and checking out our gifts. 
Jason received an Express sweater and Mumford and Sons CD from me and a huge bag of junk food and a case of Red Bulls from my family. 

Shelby got a Scentsy Pal from the Halsey Family, a beautiful, handmade pillow case and a My Little Pony from Uncle Tom an Aunt Susan. A My Little Pony from her friend, Sophia. A magnetic airplane book from my family. A Disney Princess toy CD player from Momo (her great-grandmother). A large toy horse, a Dora toothbrush set, a Melissa and Doug stamp set (, snow gloves, and long-john pajamas from Jason and I.

I got an Ipod Touch!!!! from Jason and a hot pink case for it from my family. They also got me an iTunes gift card. My sweet sister have my perfume and Daniel gave me a great flower decor set to hang on the bedroom. Jason also gave me a winter coat which I was in dire need of, a pink Boeing scarf, portable speakers for the Ipod Touch, a bath set, and a few books.

When I finally pulled myself away from my new Ipod I started on lunch. We had a turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, pecan and pumpkin pie.

Then we went for a drive an picked up a few movies, came home and did nothing the rest of the night! Jason enjoyed the time to rest and relax. He only took Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off of work and chose to work all the overtime the rest of the week.

That was how our Christmas went. How was yours?!

Here are so various other picture I've taken recently...

This is the fountain at the Alderwood Mall outside of the American Girl store.