Friday, August 31, 2012

Lazy Day

Today was pretty lazy for Miss Shelby. I cleaned house while she hung out in her pjs and played some games, colored/painted some pictures and watched some tv. Right now her favorite shows are Curious George (Sophie got her hooked on it.), Backyardigans, and some show where a mouse is a ballerina.

At 7pm we all went for a family walk down at the Big Gulch. Then Jason and I let Shelby play at the playground for a few minutes before heading home, eating dinner, watching Fraiser and hitting' the hay.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Dad's Birthday Extravaganza

August Dad's birthday!

We decided to just wander around. First we wound up at the Fremont troll then we found this wonderful asian restraunnt that overlooked Lake Union. We enjoyed an amazing lunch while watching sea planes land on the lake. Allison paid for the whole meal as a birthday gift for Dad. We spent the day in Seattle. Dan got to hang out downtown at Pikes. Dad, Mom, Ben, Allison, Shelby and I just drive around and explored. We found a boat docking area pier that was beautiful. Mom was in awe and forced us to take tons of pictures there.
Then we saw some weird nets in the distance and decided to see what they were. Turns out it was a two story driving range. Cool! We,the kids, bought Dad a bucket of balls and a beer. Dan taught be how to swing the club and I'd hate to brag....but I will. I did pretty good!
Then we found a beautiful community garden down the road. We wandered around for a bit.
For dinner we went to Buco De Beppo and stuffed ourselves! They sang him their version of a birthday song with Italian flair! Then we came back to the house and had birthday dessert, cheesecake. Then did gifts/cards. Mom gave Dad a picture frame with a picture of him and Shelby in it. Jason gave him some special keepsake coin. Shelby made him a card.
Afterwards we decided to watch 10 Things I Hate About You which was shot in Seattle! It was fun pointing out all the things we recognized.

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Day with Noma

On August 15th while the rest of us went rafting Noma spent the day with Shelby.
They went to Old Navy; Noma needed jeans. Then to Chuck E Cheese. Next to Baskin Robbins for ice cream (pictured)!


So I've decide to take things up a notch. I went to my first Thai Boxing class and it was awesome!!!! Why do I like hitting things so much?!?!

Then tonight we went to the Rosehill Community Center to see an outdoor movie, Lorax. It was such a fun family event! We set up out chairs, snuggled in our blankets and enjoyed free popcorn and Iver's clam chowder.

Last Day :( -Going backwards

My family was here August 13th thru the 23rd!!! Now I need to remember what all we did and on what say so I can get it on here. So bear with me as I go backwards. ;)

Here is a picture of Noma and Shelby playing just minutes before the left. We were all choked up and trying to hold back tears as we cherished the last moments.

Here's a picture I Dan in his awesome shirt!

And one of Shelby tuckered out from a busy day.

Last MOPS in the Park :/

Yesterday we met at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park for our last MOPS in the Park. I was able to hold Tracy's sweet baby Summer while she played with Sadie. Shelby had a blast running around! It's a little sad as Shelby and I both enjoy the once a week time in the GREAT outdoors with our friends. However it also meals MOPS mtgs are starting back! :) I am the Hospitality Coordinator again this year and am excited to start back.

I have included two pictures from my drive to Bothell last night. (I attended an Aloette party at Reine's house.) I love the beauty and majesty of WA!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art in the Garden

Last Sat we attended this free event at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. Jason's friend from work, Eric, came with us.

The art was gorgeous as well as the garden and the weather. It was a perfect Saturday!
We had a picnic for lunch then skoped out Bill Gates house and looked at all the mansions! Then we went to the mall for a while.