Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MOPS In the Park

Today Shelby an I had a wonderful time at Thorton Sullivan Park in Everett.
She ran and played with all her friends on the playground an then got to swim in the lake and chase the ducks! She was laughing and having a blast! :)

Later after Jason got home we went to the mall so he could shop for glasses. She had fun trying the kid pairs on! She kept insisting that I take her picture. She's quite the poser lately. Lol

She also is obsessed with escalators lately an begs to go on them when we walk past. Jason usually obliges with a little prompting from me and will take her up and then down the other side. It's like a ride for her. :)

Jason just went back to ACU and is doing an online masters program in Organizational Development. So tonight while he worked on school for an hour or so Shelby and I had some sweet time together.

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