Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Wonderful Saturday

Today was a great day! Jason headed off very early this morning with the church men's group to hike Mt. ???

I took Shelby to her first Build and Grow workshop at the Lowes in Mill Creek. It was so special getting to build something together and helping her hammer the nails in. She built the dragon from Shrek and got her very own apron! Each time you come to a workshop you get a patch to put on your apron. Shelby has one Shrek patch now. :) And yes, the finger pic is mine. I poked myself with a nail.

Afterwards we ran some errands. Shelby enjoyed the free popcorn at Ace Hardware. Then we headed home for a bit.

Next we were off Whole Foods in Lynnwood. They were having a special event that I learned about in Facebook. They had a kid table with face painting, crafts and such. I think Shelby was a little tired because she was being cranky and really wasn't in the mood to do much. So she just drew and colored while I decorated a picture frame for her. Then she got to sample a vegan donut from a local shop.

Then we were off to her friend Rian's 6th birthday party! It was at a park in Bothell we had never been to. I always love checking out new WA parks. Shelby warmed up quickly when she found Rhys and Rian. They were playing "restaurant" and it was so cute to watch. At one point a sandwich sold for a hundred million dollars ;) Part way thru the party Jason texted to say he was home. So Shelby and I headed out.

On top of all that fun tonight was the Perseids meteor shower! As tired as we were Jason and I still stayed up late (early) to watch it. We laid out in the yard in blankets and gazed up at the sky. He saw 5 shooting stars and I saw 3. We called it a night :)

I've also included an amazing picture of Mt Rainer that I can take no credit for!

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