Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Wonder

 First snow of winter
 My Birthday! :)
 On MY birthday, Noma send Shelby stickers along with a gift card for me to Old Navy. She put ever last one on her face and shirt.
 Putting her finger in the cake and licking the icing
 Blowing out the candles!
 She's so beautiful!
 And Silly!
 Jason got me the movie I've been wanting forever (The Devil Wears Prada) and this birthday cake. Such a sweetie he is!
 Playing with her new dollhouse from Mimi! 
She fell asleep while watching Dora :)
 The following pictures were taken at the Bellevue Botanical Garden's "Garden d'Lights festival"
 The Dragon that takes 16 days to make and is composed of 6,750 lights!
 Here Shelby is looking at the aquarium -
 Windows down, music up and driving thru downtown Bellevue!
 Shelby could not get enough! She just kept saying "Wow! Lights...."
 It was so beautiful! 
 What a wonderful evening we had!

 Shelby and I went with Marianne and her kiddos to see the reindeer at Swanson's nursery! They also had a camel and donkey.

 When I was out driving the other day I saw this beautiful fountain from the road and pulled in to get a closer look. Turns out is was a gorgeous cemetery.
Shelby loved it and said "Waterfall!" a million times! :)

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