Monday, December 26, 2011

Tech Savvy

Hello all. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! It was just the 3 of us for the first time this year. At first I was feeling a little lonely and missing family. I was calling family to chat and everyone seemed too busy for me. Partly I was just being emotional and dramatic though. I had he idea to Skype my family on Christmas mornning; we did and it was great! I didn't have to miss my Dad reading the Christmas Story and we all watched eachother open gifts. What a wonderful option for those far from loved ones!

In addition to being tech savvy with Skype I am becoming Apple obsessed! Jason bought me an IPod Touch for Christmas and I've already gotten he hang of it. As a matter of fact I'm writing this post on it! The main thing I've been enjoying is the ease of sending pics. When Shelby's doing something cute I can just snap a pic and put it on Facebook in 2 seconds, email it, and send it in a text. I love that! When you are far from family, technology really helps you to stay connected. My Dad may argue and say its a false sense of closeness but I tend to disagree. I'm not the type that chooses to text and not call. I still call people just as often but now I can text more and I feel more up to date with what they are doing day to day.

Ok, enough rambling. I'll leave you with a few pics from Christmas that I took with this wonderful device!

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