Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday, October 17th at 2pm, we took Shelby to her first ever Boo at the Zoo. I figured since we spent ten bucks on a Halloween costume for Shelby that she should at least get 2 uses out of it! Oh yea, and have some fun too! :)
So after her nap I got her all dressed up and we headed out. She was a pink lady bug with hearts instead of spots! AHW!

First they had to pose for a picture.

We entered Shelby in the costume contest for ages 0-4 in hopes that she would whip all the other kids hineys! What? I'm not competitive. ;)
See the little girl dressed as Ragitty Ann? She ended up winning second. I am not sure who won first. Shelby didn't place. :(

Posing for the judges.

Don't cha just love her antennas!

By this time she was hot and ready to go. So she was in kick back mode.


  1. Oh, my gosh, she is adorable. I love the heart shaped antennae; those judges must have been blind! Glad ya'll had such a fun day.
    Love, Grandmamaw

  2. I love the ladybug costume...ladybugs are my social club's mascot. :)


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