Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Procrastination & Mini Golf

Yesterday Jason had tons of homework and kept procrastinating horribly so, I bribed him. He loves to play miniature golf and after watching The Masters this weekend he was in the golf mood so I suggested that as soon as he finished his work we would go to Prime Time and play a round. For the next few hours Shelby and I cleaned the house while he worked. Before I knew it he was done and it was time to play! Mini golf here we come!

The course.

I am so short compared to him. I had to practically stand on my tip toes to be in the photo!


That's some serious concentration!


Jason was giving me pointers.

See the little pond...we had a few balls wind up going for a dip. :)

Jason got creative with his photography.

Who won you ask? Jason of course, but it was very close! Here is the score... Jason-54 strokes Nicole-56 strokes

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