Sunday, April 5, 2009

March 28th-31st

Stop putting that flash in my eyes Mommy. Can't you see that I am trying to sleep?!

Most times riding in the car puts her straight to sleep. On this particular occasion she continued sleeping in her car seat long after we had arrived home.

I love for Daddy to hold me when I get out of my bath!

Mommy, you are tickling my cheek!

My Mommy loves me very much.

Just us girls hanging out.

Just chillin' in my bouncy seat.

I was admiring my beautiful baby girl. She was cooing and smiling at me.

Allison told me I had to read Twilight so I did. Loved the book. I am a die hard science fiction fanatic however the movie was somewhat of a disappointment. Here we were hangin' out with Jason watching it.

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