Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Cake Balls

Lately there is one recipe that I keep seeing everywhere but have never made...CAKE BALLS! At my MOPS meeting the other day someone had brought some - I ate more than one! I have also noticed that Bakerella has been making some as well as Pioneer Woman. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon.
Here is my Easter version of the recipe.

Here's what you need:
1 box cake mix (I used Duncan Hines Red Velvet.)
1 can icing (I used vanilla.)
Melting chocolate
Optional: Sprinkles to decorate. Not pictured

Now let's get cookin'!
1) To begin make the cake following the instructions on the box. Once the cake is out of the oven set it aside and let it fully cool.
2) Take the cake and cut into 6 parts. Then grab a big bowl and two forks; break up one portion of the cake at a time until the whole cake is broken up into small crumbs with no lumps.
3) Next scoop in some of your icing and begin blending it in.

I agree with Pioneer Woman who suggests that you only use 3/4 of the icing. If you use the whole can I think the cake is too moist. Blend until you can see no icing.

4) Now you can start rolling the cake mixture into balls. I used a tablespoon so they would all be the same size.

Your hands are going to be very gross afterward!

5) Lay them onto a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for about an hour. If they are very cold the chocolate will set better and you won't get crumbs in your chocolate.

6) It's chocolate time! Melt the chocolate the way you want. I prefer a double boiler over the microwave. Then if your chocolate begins to get thick you can just pop it on the stove again.
If using a double boiler stir the chocolate constantly so it won't burn.
If you are using the microwave put it in for 30 seconds at a time then take out to stir. Do this until the chocolate is fully melted.

7) Take a few of the cake balls out of the freezer. I leave the rest in so they stay cold. I noticed that when they started to warm up they became more fragile and I began to get pieces of cake in my chocolate. That's no bueno! I started out with them on a folk and then using a spoon to pour chocolate over the top but I soon realized that there was an easier way. I skewered the cake ball with a tooth pick (all the way through), dipped it straight into the chocolate and used the spoon to get it completely covered. BTW-No I don't have a tan...that's Rifkah helping me! LOL

8) Now place the ball on wax paper to harden. I used a spoon to gently slide it off the toothpick and then put a dab of chocolate over the hole. I hope all that made sense. :)
9) If you choose to, shake some colorful sprinkles on top. I thought the splash of color would be perfect for Easter!
10) Allow the chocolate to set and enjoy!

This is what Shelby was doing while I cooked.

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