Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty pink toes!

Today has been a long one. It began at 7:15am and is still going strong. As soon as I finish posting this I will straighten the house, do the dishes, take a shower (Wait, make that a steamy bubble bath!), greet my hubby when he drags in from work sometime around 1:15AM, and then finally go to sleep!
I am very happy that Jason has no classes tomorrow (WAIT it's today already!) thanks to the Easter holiday. He will be going into work early and then our 4 day weekend begins. Jason does not work on Mondays. Hence the 4 day weekend. Just in case you were wondering if I couldn't count. LOL
Now, to back track for a second. Today some good friends came for a visit. Amber asked if I had ever painted Shelby's toenails. I told her I had never thought to. Amber told me that she began painting her daughter's at a very young age. I thought it was insane to paint an infant's nails. Later in the afternoon my friend, Rifkah, came over. I had mentioned what Amber said and Rifkah was like - "Why not! We should paint them. They would be cute." So we did. My baby girl's now sporting pink toe nails and I have to say that she looks extremely cute!!!


  1. Play all you want too but you can't make her prettier than God already has. Happy Easter. Keep the pictures coming. Wish we could be there. Love, The Grands

  2. Ahwww, that's very true. Thank you God for my beautiful baby girl!!! I am truly blessed. Happy Easter back at ya.


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