Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jon and Kate Gosselin Scandal

I just don't believe it!
I am a big fan of the couple's TV series, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and like many other fans and followers of the show I am in shock by the recent allegations. (Read the story HERE.) Is the media simply taking a small incident and blowing it out of proportion or is there any truth behind the rumors?
It is obvious that both Jon and Kate Gosselin are under an enormous about of stress, but then again who isn't?
In watching their show I have seen times when Kate snaps and treats Jon, in my opinion, with very little respect and even belittles him. However, I am not naive and realize that "reality TV" can be manipulated. Scenes can be edited so that viewers will assume certain things. After all it is conflict that makes for good TV. But, there are many other times that I see them working great as a team, which is a must with 8 little ones.
Kate seems very organized and structured, Jon not so much. Opposites attract right?
Do you watch the show? What do you think about the so called "cheating" incidents?


  1. In our early 20's we threw the t.v. in the trash for several years so our children could grow up free and unhindered by what media wants us to feel and think. Living back near Hollywood now, we recently had a controversy involving a family in our Homeschool community who went on reality t.v. for money & had a mission in mind to tell. The family wound up deeply disappointed and shocked by the new found negative attention of the public eye. The show edited everyone's responses and scenes based on agenda---to keep our spirits hooked on voyeurism and suspense. Not reality. The shows slant became the producers personal opinions on the matter.
    Television lacks. What an awesome format to work with. So many of us are ready for great media. Most days we turn it off.
    Maybe it's true...about Jon & Kate, but it doesn't matter to me. I have come to realize that when someone wants something they will take any chance, public or private to get it sometimes with little regret towards others--even how it may affect children---as they justify it into their mind. So, if it is true it may be worth it for that person. Then you have the element of someone's judgment call is subject to personal interpretation. Shouldn't be.....I hope for the best for them. Life can be so real----relationships can be hard.
    Shooting out nickels,
    Shelby's Ca. Grandma

  2. Deep comment from the person above. I'm not smart enough to analyze anything that much so I'll just say this: used to love to watch Jon & Kate. Sorta gotten away from it lately, not b/c of them, just b/c I'm too busy with my other fave shows that don't repeat all summer long (J&K is on constantly). I think peeps probably are just focusing on the fact that Kate comes off as a condescending, overbearing, b**ch on the show at times (maybe she is, maybe she isn't probably just stress) and people automatically assume that a guy with a wife like that and that many kids will naturally want to cheat. I don't really know if he did it or not (kinda doubt it) cuz from what I can tell, Jon likes being owned by Kate; it's their thing. She rants and raves, he complains and then ultimately does what she says. Sounds like the perfect marriage to me:). Thanks for stopping by my place; love making new frenz!

  3. Thank you both for your thoughtful comments. I loved hearing what you had to say on the matter!
    Keep them coming!


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