Monday, April 27, 2009

Where's Shelby?

This afternoon while Jason was studying Shelby and I went to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. Her car seat can snap into the top of the cart, but I am so short that when it's snapped on top it's hard for me to reach her. Therefore, I usually just set her seat in the bottom of the cart.
Well on this particular shopping excursion the cart became very full. The growing mounds of food around her became almost comical so I snapped a picture. I like to call it "Find the Baby!"

She was so good. She just looked around and enjoyed being out.

She rarely cries when we are out and about. I think the noise and people watching keeps her occupied.

She's holding her soft, pink blanky. AHW!

Then at 7:30PM Jason had a softball game. (He plays for a church league on the Hillcrest Church of Christ's team. You would be surprised how competitive "church leagues" can be!) Actually he had 2...a double header. The first game they lost by 1 run! ARG! Then the 2nd game they were winning 6 to 25 until...they got cocky. In the last inning their opponents were hitting like crazy and before I knew it they were tied. Then the last batter came to the plate and hit an over the fence home run, batting in one other run! The final score was 27 to 25.

Here is Jason batting.

See the ball coming...
Are you biting your nails?

And he gets a hit! Well, it was more of an accidental bunt. The ball kinda just fell in front of the plate, but a hit is a hit! He beat out the throw to first base and later scored. GO JASON!

During the game Shelby was a perfect little angel. She sat on my lap and watched quietly all while sucking on her fist. I love watching Jason play sports. Good memories...


  1. That is ABSOLUTELY priceless! I'm tiny I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you can't snap the car seat into the top of the cart. But the pictures are the best. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Love your pictures. The one of her hiding among the shopping items is priceless. :) LOL
    Welcome to MBC! :)


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