Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Orajel is good stuff!

Last night Shelby was in bed at 11pm, her normal bedtime. Around 12am I heard her start to cry. She NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night so I was thinking something had to be wrong.
When I walked in I kept hearing baby toots so I thought maybe it was gas that was upsetting her. I scooped her up, coddled her for a minute, and then gave her some gas drops. I also decided it wouldn't hurt to put a little Baby Orajel on her gums.
(Background Info: Jason's dad, Monte, was here last weekend and was asking me if she was teething yet. I was like, "What! Babies teeth at 3 months?" He said that some of his children started as early as 3 months and some as late as 6 months. Considering his experience with 7 children I figure he is a very reliable source. Since then I have been feeling her gums every day.)
Okay, now that you're caught up let me continue. So I felt her gums and thought I felt a little bump in her top gum. I may be psyching myself out, but I decided either way a little Orajel couldn't hurt.
When I was finished I wanted to calm her down a bit and sat down to nurse her. She began mouthing me like crazy. It was like she couldn't locate her "target". She kept trying to latch on and would just slip right off.
Jason, who had just gotten home, put two and two together and asked me how much Orajel I had used.
Me: "Just a little. Well, maybe more that I should have. What?! Her tongue was in the way I wanted to make sure to get some on her gums. Okay, maybe I put to much."
Jason went to get the tube of medicine and proceeded to put some on both our fingers and then we put it on our tongues. As first my tongue was tingly, then it was just plain numb.
Me: "Dang that stuff is good!"
Jason: "No wonder she can't nurse properly. You just numbed her whole mouth!"
I became somewhat frantic and was feeling very guilty. Before long she had learned to compensate and was nursing calmly.
Moral of the story: Read labels carefully and then FOLLOW what they say.

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