Sunday, March 1, 2009

A morning not as planned...

This morning did not go quite as we had planned.
We had originally planned to go to church and then if Shelby was still happy go to Sunday school. We attend Hillcrest where the service is very 9AM. Well this morning, as luck would have it, my alarm did not go off! It's Murphy's Law at work. Anytime that I do not really need to get up there's my alarm...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...hit the wall...{minutes later}...BEEP...ARG!
So we missed church at 9AM; I reset my alarm and figured "It's all good" we'll still make it to Sunday school at 11AM. A little while later we were dressed in our finest headed off looking forward to a time to visit, worship Christ with other believers, and of course show off the new addition to our family. Did I mention that this would be Shelby's first time to go to church?
We arrived and walked into a dead sanctuary..."Didn't church just end? Why is the sanctuary so empty already? {I grabbed a bulletin.} Oh darn! Sunday school starts at 10:30AM. So much for that!"
Well, we could not waste our good looks and I was looking forward to showing off my post baby clothes so we decided to cash in a Cracker Barrel gift card that my little brother, Dan, had given us for Christmas. We went and enjoyed a yummy lunch. Jason ordered french toast with a side of hash browns and I ordered, my Dad's favorite, chicken and dumplings.
Just to recap-I didn't wake up on time; we missed church; we missed Sunday school; then we enjoyed a nice lunch. I'd say it turned out to be a very enjoyable morning.
I hope y'all all have a relaxing Sunday afternoon. :)

Chug it! LOL

My new top.

Scrumptious food!

This is what Shelby did while we ate.

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