Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is SO gross!

WARNING: This is a gross post!
So earlier this afternoon Shelby had a poop explosion while sitting in her BUMBO Seat. In reference to an earlier post that you can read HERE...Yes, I decided to get her one and I love it.
Ok so back to the story. Well, by the time I finished dealing with the poop (Here's some poo, there's some poo, everywhere there's some poo!) and bathing Shelby I had forgotten all about the BUMBO. So later when I thought to clean it the poo had dried. EHW! So what did I do you ask...or maybe you didn't! ;) I reconstituted the poo. Yup that's what I said. I sprayed it and sprayed it with antibacterial cleaner until it was loose enough to wipe up. I warned you this post was gross. TMI!

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