Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Target's Heartbeat Bear Review

When Shelby was first born Jason and I decided to purchase a heartbeat bear to help her sleep. For those of you who have not heard of them they are just a teddy bear that makes the sounds of a heartbeat and is supposed to remind the baby of the womb and soothe them to sleep. Kinda like the puppy and the clock.
The one that we bought was from Target and was called the Summer Infant Momies Melodies Gund Bear and is pictured below. It sells for $19.99.
Product Image
My personal review is that the bear, while very adorable, was not worth the money. Let me explain...IT DOES NOT STAY ON! Seriously. The way in which you turn the bear on in located on the back of the bear and is a button. My problem is that the switch is super sensitive and with the slightest movement turns off. They should have used a switch instead. Maybe mine was just defective and others are not as sensitive but you have to just tap the button to turn it on and off. So if you are looking ot buy a heartbeat bear avoid the Target brand.

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