Thursday, July 9, 2009


Diaper rash is the result of irritation, usually caused by prolonged exposure to a diaper that is moist.
Yesterday I noticed Shelby's bottom was a little red. What could it be? The dreaded diaper rash! She has never gotten diaper rash before so I didn't have any of the special creams. However I did find two sample packs of Destine so that's what I used all day yesterday and today the redness is almost gone. Thanks goodness because I know that has to hurt! :( I felt so bad for her when I had to change her diaper yesterday and I did it as gingerly as I possibly could.

So my mommy to mommy question is... Do you have any special techniques, methods, creams, or remedies that you use for diaper rash? Keep in mind the cheaper the better.


  1. Make sure you put it on thick and check her diaper very often and at the slightist bit that it is damp change it ASAP. Also let her lay naked for a while on a waterproof pad to help air it out as it heals better that way!

  2. Have you heard of the on line wellness company called Melaleuca? We have a product called Renew which is natural and acts as a moisture barrier. It protects the skin from diaper rash, or heals existing skin conditions like ezema, dermatitis, etc. The stuff is amazing!
    We also have a soap called the "Gold Bar" which you should use to bathe the baby (and yourself if you want a treat). Make sure you don't use Johnson's Baby Products, as they are
    toxic and have known cancer causing agents in them!


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