Monday, July 13, 2009

Another milestone already!

Shelby started cereal on Friday. I can hardly believe it!!!
She had never eaten from a spoon before (Well, except for the times I caught Jason sneaking her mashed potatoes form the table.) so I knew it would be something she'd have to get the hang of. Her 1st feeding she wasn't sure what to do and kinda just spit it out. She was more interested in playing with the spoon and trying to shove her hands in the bowl of cereal rather that actually eating. She didn't seem to be figuring out the whole swallowing thing. When I put the cereal in her mouth she would just move it around in her mouth mixing it with her saliva and then it would ooze back out her mouth.
During her 2nd ever cereal feeding about half way through the bowl something clicked....she figured out how to swallow! It is now Monday and she is eating up to ~3-4 tbs of rice cereal.
I'll try to post some pictures of the cutie chowing down very soon! Her messy little face is adorable.

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