Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curious Baby

Shelby's a very curious little girl. She is always on the go...scooting and rolling all over the room to grab anything and everything that has been left on the floor or that is within her reach.
The other day she scooted over to where Jason's guitar was on it's stand and began to push against it with her little feet. Needless to say I shot across the room and scooped her up. She could have pushed the guitar over right on top of herself!
I have some board games stacked on the bottom of the TV stand and she loves to pull the boxes out and kick them and even tries to eat them. :)
And then today she discovered something new and even more fun. While she was sitting in her BUMBO Seat on the kitchen counter "helping" me cook dinner she discovered the toaster oven. Through trial and error she learned how to open the toaster oven door and then would open it and then slam it shut...over and over and over and over again she did this. I could not even cook; I kept watching her learn and play!

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