Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's Tid Bits

Today has been a culmination of housework, studying, cooking, and errands.

Breakfast was Marianne's recipe for very yummy Health Banana Bread.

Dinner tonight is Baked Chicken with Roasted Tomatillo Cream Sauce....a new recipe I'm trying. I tasted the sauce and it's the bomb! We'll see how the final dish comes together. I plan to serve it over white rice.

Shelby's been a good girl today and has been entertaining herself and watching more movies that I would like but I've got to study! My 2nd psychology exam is on Monday. I hate the days when I'm so preoccupied with school that I don't really get to play with her. :(

As for my errands...Jason, Shelby and I had to drop something at the church, return some shoes (I found Shelby's red, glitter Dorthy shoes for Halloween for $2 at a kid's sale! I was thrilled to be returning the 18 DOLLAR pair.), then to Old Navy where I got 5 shirts for myself (75% off) and one shirt for Shelby and all for under $25. Now that's a great deal!

Unfortunately lil Shelby took her horse in the store without me realizing it and so we left it behind. :( Jason's out fetching it right now. I just checked on the chicken baking in the oven and am now OFFICIALLY procrastinating. I need to go study! NOW

Ok, maybe in a minute.

I am SO excited for tomorrow! Shelby and I will be attending her first Music 4 Preschool class in the morning. I just know she's going to love it. I will be taking plenty of pictures and will talk more about it soon.

Ok, Jason just walked in. He SAVED the horse. Good Daddy :)

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