Friday, October 28, 2011

Music, baking, and rain.

That's what today has consisted of and it has been a wonderful day - Fall Style!

For starters, this morning Shelby and I went to her 2nd music class. I am really enjoying the chance to be with her and what he interact with kids her own age. She seems to really be enjoying it. She especially likes when the parachute comes out!

 She did not want me to take her pic! She told me no and covered her eyes. 

 Yes, I know it is cold and those sure are sandals. At this age, I'm just lucky she lets me put "somewhat" appropriate outfits on her. We are in WA not Antarctica; she won't get frostbite. That's my stand and I'm sticking to it! :) Now that I'm through being unnecessarily defensive lets move on shall we?

 These are the Carmel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies that I was inspired to make after finding them on Pinterest. I am becoming slightly addicted to this website. Will talk more on this and all the inspiration I have found later. :)

They are yummy and really get me in the Fall mood. Jason is going to have some happy co-workers tomorrow as I am sending most with him.

The rain held off for most of the day but now it is slow and steady. My eyes are already droopy due to a late night of classwork. All 3 of us are snuggling up to watch a movie now. I hope you have a wonderful evening as well.......

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