Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dorthy and more!

Friday, Oct 28th, our apartment had a Halloween Party in the club house/entertainment room for the residents. They had games, a fun craft, "fishing for treats", refreshments, and more.

 Here is Shelby as Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz
(minus the basket and dog)

 Here she is post-party. She ran around with the other kiddos, ate candy, screamed & squealed, and had a blast!

 She was not cooperating and standing by the scarecrow to take a pic. Hence the grin. That is a content grin of disobedience! 


 Then this morning, Saturday the 29th, Shelby was still sporting her mangled braids. :) 

Supposed to be eating her oatmeal and instead playing with stickers. 

My Mom used to let us do this as kids and we loved it. Shelby...not so much. She didn't like the shaving cream on her hands. I'll give it a little while and then try it again.

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