Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Farm

This afternoon after Jason got off work we all headed to The Farm in Snohomish, WA where we had a whole lotta fun for $12!

 The donkey

 Getting closer to see the animals.

 An ice chest full of trout at the fishing stand. Shelby said "Ewhhh" when I opened it! Haha

 Shelby loved the ducks! They had duck races too.

 Once again, hiding from the camera.

 Getting her face painted. 

 She was such a good girl and held very still.

 A pumpkin with glitter....pretty!

 Going for a ride in the "Cow Train".

 They went way down the field and zig zagged thru the corn. It made me nervous when I couldn't see her even though she had a seat belt on. 

 Jason caught my shadow waving.
 And she's back! 

 Time to pick a pumpkin!

 It was so cute watching her carry it!

 A little pumpkin for a little girl.

 Family Pic

 Shelby holding a sweet little kitten in the Petting Zoo.

 Apple picking! This was a first for Shelby and I.

This is my "Jason, don't take my picture!" look.

 Shelby got right in there. 

 She kept saying "Sheep, sheep!".

 I asked her if she wanted to sit in the tractor and before I could finish my sentence she climbed right up all by herself.

She was saying "Drive car, drive car." We said, "No Shelby, it's a tractor." But she didn't care :)

 This was the best! They had just fed the cows and they stood right at the fence for her. 

 She sweetly petted and talked to them. 

 Notice her very muddy boots? There were puddles here and there and I would ask her to please go around them. Every time, without fail, she would go out of her way to jump in them! She's a fun girl who enjoys life!

 Just working the day away haulin' pumpkins.

 The hot air balloons we saw driving home and I insisted Jason take a pic of!

 Scenic drive

 The leaves are changing brilliant colors!

 Our Sonic

 Happy and still energetic

The gorgeous apples we picked! Now I just need to decide what to make. Any thoughts?

 Holding her pumpkin.

The cow

 The "Cow Train"

 The slide inside the hay maze

 The ducks

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