Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Children are Ever Changing

Shelby's latest thing is calling me "Mama". Before she has always said, "Mommy" or "Mom". Now most of the time she a addressing me it's "Mama". I really like it. :) It reminds me of my brother, Ben. He started calling our Mom that in the last few years. It has a ring.....a Little House on the Prairie kind of ring, but a ring nonetheless.

Now for a story.....
As I was hurriedly trying to get us out the door yesterday morning Shelby decided to be a royal pain about her outfit! I had put her favorite pink leggings on which she was more than ok with but when I went to put her shorts on over she threw a fit. I knew if I forced them on her she'd just take them off and I was in a hurry so I just dropped it.
As I opened the door to leave she walked out ahead of me. I looked down and saw her lumpy diaper peeking thru the (to thin to be PANTS) leggings, I sighed with frustration and I blurted out "By the way, you look stupid." It was like I just felt the need to tell her that if she insisted on making her own decisions then she would have to live with the consequences (Don't think it, I KNOW she's 2 1/2) and in this case that was looking "stupid".
As soon as I said it I realized how dumb I sounded making such a statement to a 2 1/2 yr old. Plus, I was embarrassed that I called my sweet daughter stupid! I think my Mom hit the nail on the head.....she said at times she would find herself talking to her kids (us) as adults and not really realizing it. I mean let's face it, you can't talk baby talk ALL day every day.

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