Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Memorable Moments in Time

Welcome to my ramblings and random thoughts. Absolutely no rhyme or reason!

Shelby's newest phrase is "Ex-cu-sa-me" or aka - Excuse Me. I'm going to try and get a video of her saying it. Oh's just too cute!

We have been practicing her number and letters. Every time she walks down stairs she counts...." One.... two... free.... eight, nine, ten!"
With a good lengthy pause between the one, two, and three and then says the eight, nine, ten really fast!

So the other day Jason was running late so I took Shelby with me to the school. While I was waiting for him to pick her up I ran to the restroom. With Shelby and two large bags in tow I picked the large handicap stall. She was running around in the open space and being crazy. She kept saying "Mommy, poo poo pee pee?!" I couldn't contain it and started giggling...which made her say it even more and louder! I'm just fortunate that no one walked in and heard her. LOL :) Oh, little Shelby.

My friend's daughter and Shelby like to play together while we prep for MOPS. When it's time to go I tell Shelby, "Time to go! Go say bye to Sophia." Shelby RUNS to her and gives her the biggest melts my heart every time.

I'm only taking one college course this semester...just trying to get back into college slowly. Geez, did I pick a good class to start back with. Psychology 100 with Patrick Gorman. He is such a demanding professor and I'm REALLY stressing. I have an exam in 5 days and am scared to death. It's so hard for me to enjoy anything else when this class is always in the back of my mind.
Time for me to go study!

Jason got up at 4am and was a work by 5:30. He's zonked out already; it's 8:52pm. Shelby is snuggled up next to him watching the movie Spirit for the gazilionth time! I just heard it end...she will be coming in here any moment now saying, "Mommy, horse?" and wanting me to turn it back on. Haha....better get her in bed.

Tried a new recipe for dinner - Chicken Curry ( Jason gave it a 8.5 out of 10 points! I'm excited that he liked it so much; I haven't scored that high in a while. LOL It's a funny little thing I've been doing lately, asking him to score the new meals I cook so I can decide if I should save the recipe.
Just memories I don't want to forget!

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