Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My husband brings home the chicken.

So Boeing, Jason's employer, had a meeting for the first shift today. They had it catered by a chicken place. When Jason got to work I got this text, "There's a ton of chicken, slaw, and potatoes here! Do you want me to bring some home?" To which I responded, "Heck yea! As much as you want. My mouth is watering."
When he gets home he comes back to the bedroom and gives me this look.
Me: "What?"
Him: When I brought the food home I didn't think about it fitting in the fridge."
Me: "Fitting in the fridge? What? How much did you bring home?! I've gotta see this!"
Well, when I said bring some home I didn't know he'd bring enough to feed a third world country! Chicken anyone?

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  1. Dang, Jason, there's enough food for you all to eat and still have some left to taint with sticknine and give to the noisey neighbors!

    Love, Your favorite Mother in Law


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