Friday, August 28, 2009

Still Scared of Needles

At 7 months old I finally got Shelby into see her pediatrician for her 6 month check up. This Wednesday Jason and I loaded our still sleeping baby into the car and took her to be tortured. And by tortured I mean...GET HER SHOTS! I loath shots and have a healthy fear of needles and just because I'm not the one getting stuck doesn't make me feel any better. Poor little Shelby. Ok, enough about her shots. I'll get back to that in a minute.
So when we got there Shelby got all her weights and measurements taken.
Weight: 18.7lbs. Height: 27.5 inches
The doctor was very happy with her measurements.
She was cracking me up because the whole time the doctor was examining her she was jabbering away. He said to me, "Well, she doesn't seem to be scared of strangers." That she is defiantly not! She will talk to everyone and when people come up to us at the grocery store to gawk at her she always gives them a big smile that melts there heart. Then they will inevitably launch into a story about their children or grandchildren. I love to hear stories.
Now comes the shots. My poor baby had to get 3 of them. The nurse was so quick and they were over in a matter of seconds. As soon as she was finished I scooped Shelby up and she stopped crying almost instantly.
Her next appointment is at one year old.

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  1. "Stop! in the name of love, I don't want a shot, think it o, o, ver!"

    Mom/aka "Grandmamaw"


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