Monday, August 10, 2009

Shelby's First Movie

Today is another milestone for Shelby...her first movie at a theater! I think this is a milestone only mom cares about but none the less I have chosen to share it with you. ****Feel honored*** ;)
We saw Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian at the Westwood Twin Theater dollar movies.

Jason propped her car seat up on the seat next to me so she could see the screen. For the first few minutes she sat there staring at the screen, captured by the images flashing here and there. When Jason and I tried to get her attention she looked over just for a moment and then directed her attention to the screen once again.
A few minutes into the movie she began to get restless so I gave her a strip of Twizzlers and what do you know...she liked it! She sucked on the candy happily. When I took it away she was a very sticky baby. After I took a wet wipe to her face and hands I offered her a bottle which she gladly accepted. She sat in her car seat clutching her bottle and watching the movie. She was so adorable!
She was happy for a while longer and then the movie lost her interest and she wanted out of her car seat. For the remaining 45 minutes or so she occupied herself on our laps wiggling around, playing with keys, her bottle, and "talking". We were glad that the theatre was almost empty and no one had sat close to us.
It was funny that I only realized it was Shelby's first movie well into the previews; then I was wishing I had a camera. I am sure that taking a picture in the movie would have been frowned upon but I would have done it anyway. Too bad so sad.


  1. I remember taking our oldest son to the movies he was a year old.. They asked us to leave LOL.

    Indiana Jones, was his first. We never did see the ending =(

  2. awe that is super. ;) sadly i don't remember my son's first movie but my daughters was kungfu panda (er i think)


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