Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sandra Lee and her Semi-Homemade Philosophy

I really enjoy watching Sandra Lee's show on Food Network - Semi-Homemade Cooking and I recently got to know more about her by watching a Food Network Special about her life. She is a very ambitious woman who really knows what it means to succeed in following your dreams and the value of hard work.

Sandra Lee"An internationally-acclaimed home and food expert, Sandra has revolutionized the way people think about traditional, time-consuming, “from-scratch” methods. With her trademark 70/30 philosophy, which combines 70% ready-made products with 30% fresh touches, Sandra creates aspirational meals and breathtaking living environments that are affordable and attainable, making her the foremost recognized advocate to every over-extended person. Sandra’s philosophy was born out of necessity and the challenges she faced throughout her childhood. The oldest of five children, Sandra was responsible for caring for her four younger siblings and managing the household. Forced to live on welfare and food stamps, Sandra quickly learned how to turn budget-friendly foods into delicious and special meals for her family while stretching every dollar and every minute."

I have been inspired by here life and her "can do" attitude. I just adore her Semi-Homemade website; there are so many great homemaker tips and snidbits. I have especially enjoyed looking through her page on all things organization - She has wonderful things to say regarding the decor and layout of your bathroom... Look under Organizing - Suds Appeal.

I have always wanted to make my guests feel comfortable when they stay with me. I never want them to have to come to me and embarrassingly ask if I have a tampon they can have! So, to ovoid such a scenario I purchased a pretty woven basket a the Dollar Store for a buck and filled it with all the comforts of home that you may have left at home...a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, a bar of soap, & an extra candle just in case the one in the bathroom runs out. It's a simple but great idea.

When a guest arrives and I am giving them the tour I am sure to tell them that under the sink there is a basket and they should feel free to use anything they wish from it.

Happy Homemaking everyone!

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