Monday, August 3, 2009

Pictures Galore!

Here are a few recent pictures.

Yes, my little girl now can snack on Cheerios! The first time I gave her some. I put a handful on her BUMBO Tray she looked down, reached across the entire tray, and then swept them all off onto the ground...a few even went flying! By the time she was through there were Cheerios EVERYWHERE!

That green stuff on her face....sweet peas. In case you were wondering.

She's a smart one! Now if she can just figure out how to read the newspaper and not just tear it.

Funny Face

Watching her Baby Signing Time DVD

I couldn't resist taking pics! She's a cutie pie.

I don't know why but she loves to hang upside down. I kept moving her back to the middle of the mattress and she would just scoot right back over to hang.

And was happy until she fell. Ahw!

Tuckered out

Mom and Dan came to watch Shelby so Jason and I could get away for our anniversary. How sweet of them!

Jason and Shelby

She played so long she needed a cat nap.

Cool with her shades

"Helping" Mommy cook

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  1. What a cute little darling!!!! She is at such a sweet age. :)


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