Thursday, May 7, 2009

On the way...

Sunday the 3rd Dad drove Shelby and I down to his house so we could spend the week with my family. On the way we saw this huge cross on top of a hill in Ballinger. We had both seen the cross before when driving by but had never stopped. I told Dad, "Come on Dad! Let's be spontaneous and check it out!" So we did.
There was an entrance with a sign that read "The Cross". At first we were kinda wondering if we would be shot for intruding onto private property! After driving up a winding road a minute or two we reached it. An enormous cross.

Below it there was a place to pray as well as many other secluded areas around the cross to pray.

Also at the base there was a guest book and some pamphlets that explained how the cross came to be. For those of you that are wondering, below is what the pamplet had to say about the cross' beginnings.

"The Cross was erected by the Jim and Doris Studer Family as a thank you to God for all the blessings bestowed upon them during their life, particularly the time they have been in Texas.
The Cross belongs to everyone who believes in Christ and that He dies and rose to save us. It stands as a reminder of the love He has for us.
It is the hope of the Studers that those who view it may pause a moment to also Thank God for their many blessings.
Construction was by Steve Jansa, of Jansa Construction, Rowena, Texas. It was erected October 6th and October 7th, 1993. There was a Mulit-Faith Dedication November 28,1993."

You may visit this site for further info about this monument.

I was glad we stopped. What a beautiful and creative way to share Christ with others.

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