Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dyess Big Country Airfest

On May 2nd was the Dyess Big Country Airfest and I was NOT going to miss it! Jason has been to several and has told me what a blast they are so, I was excited to experience one for myself. On Friday my Dad drove up and then on Saturday we all went.

Thank's to a lovely little law from a man named Murphy the weather was overcast, rainy, cold, windy, and just downright disgusting. I would also like to mention that the day before was sunny and warm. That just figures! Anyway, due to the unfavorable conditions many of the air show's fly-bys were canceled. But the day was not a total bust; two B-1 Bomber pilots braved the weather and conducted high speed fly-bys. It was AWESOME!!! The ground shook and it was so loud I had to cover Shelby's ears. We had waited forever and when we were able to see the B-1s for just the few seconds it made the waiting all a thing of the past.

I snapped a pic as one flew by but there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself.

Even though we only saw two planes airborne we saw many more on the ground. We were allowed to walk into the planes and even climb into the cockpits where one of the plane's operators would tell us what his job on the aircraft was as well as answer any questions we had.

This is the control panel of a C-130.

These buttons were drawn onto the C-130 control panel. Something tells me that they were added after the plane was manufactured.

We waited inside the C-130 to keep out of the wind.

Dad was checking out things.

If you ever see me driving one of these...GET OFF THE ROAD!!!

Same goes for him!

We waited in the car for a little while. Dad played with Shelby. She was in a playful mood and was cooing for him and playing with the car keys that he was rattling for her.

I promise you there is a baby amongst the blankets...a very warm baby!

Boeing (Jason's employer) had a booth set up. They work on the B-1's and had a handout that talked about the plane.

Jason was talking to his coworker who was manning the booth. Poor guy, he was stuck at that booth all day in the drizzle and cold.

Jason took over for all of 3 minutes while his coworker ran to get something. Wow Jason, what a contribution you made! LOL I love his smiley face chair.

Now I can say I have experienced an air show. I can't wait to go to another!


  1. Nice post Nicole lady. I hate to break it to you but that fly by picture is not of a B-1, looks like a B-52. Oh, and that guy referred to as coworker several times is Delton. Glad you enjoyed it despite the rain.

  2. Thank you my dear, sweet husband for your lovely comment. I am sorry I did not accurately identify the plane to which you refer. I assure you it will not happen again. I would also like to thank you for bestowing upon me the name of your so-called "coworker". I will forever remember Delton!

  3. My thoughts are worth a dollar! D4N


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