Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've been tagged!

Okay so here are the rules of this whole blogger tag game.
1) Mention the person who tagged you and be sure to link to them!
2) Post your list of 8's
3) Tag 8 bloggers and don't forget to tell them! ;)

Here Goes!

I was tagged by Candice over at A Day in the Life of a Mom with Spirited Children. She has an awesome blog so go check it out!

8 of my most favorite yummy foods
  1. ice cream
  2. Hot/salty McDonald's french fries (with lots of ketchup and only McDonald's ketchup will do) with a chocolate shake...I know your mouth must be watering
  3. mashed potatoes
  4. chicken fried steak (made with venison instead of chicken!)
  5. watermelon
  6. pecan pie - Only natural since my father grows pecans. :)
  7. Chicken Express biscuits
  8. scrambles eggs with all the toppings

8 things I cherish

  1. spending time with my husband and daughter
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. all that I have been given
  5. pets
  6. weekends
  7. snuggle time with my hubby
  8. when my daughter smile's at me

8 ways I kill time

  1. BLOG! Love it :)
  2. watch TV
  3. take my daughter for a walk
  4. Facebook
  5. internet browsing
  6. read
  7. eat
  8. text

8 shows I watch

  1. Desperate Housewives - LOVE!!!
  2. The Office
  3. House
  4. Deadliest Catch
  5. Golden Girls
  6. The Real Housewives
  7. Rob and Big - What?! It's funny. "Let me tell ya bout my best friend..."
  8. Chelsea Lately
8 things to do before I die
  1. see the pyramids in Egypt
  2. be dropped into an ocean full of sharks in a shark cage
  3. go catfish noodling
  4. go sky diving
  5. finish Shelby's baby book (which I haven't even started on!)
  6. hunt exotic animals in Africa
  7. write a book
  8. travel to Ireland

8 ways to make me happy
  1. tell me something you like about me
  2. give me a back rub
  3. let me sit in a hot bubble bath
  4. tell me how cute my daughter is
  5. tell me I look great and don't need to lose weight - Even if I don't believe you; because I won't!
  6. give me a Wii - I want one!
  7. spend time with me
  8. invite me to do something fun
Here are the 8 people I am tagging:
  1. Faye @ Our Family Adventures in Going Green
  2. Erica @ But Mommy......
  3. Donna @ The Obnoxious SAHM
  4. Shanna @ Anam Cara
  5. The Nutty Mama @ The Nutty Mama
  6. Katie @ Hawaiian Adventures
  7. Shelley @ I'm still standing
  8. Storm @ Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife
To all you taggies: Please don't feel obligated to participate. If you choose not to, I understand. It's just for fun!!!


  1. Hey thanks for tagging me I would love to play along but I just had one question for you how do you link to peoples pages without having to put their whole url.
    Any information or advice you could give me i would greatly appreciate.
    here is my email if it would be easier


  2. Thanks for your question; I am glad you chose to participate!
    I sent you an email.

  3. Hey! If you're looking for something faster and easier than scrapbooking for Shelby's baby book, you should definitely check out www.blurb.com. You download a free book making software program that's super easy to use (just click and drag photos into their layouts). Once you've got your book together, you upload it to their website and they print the book and mail it to you! It's good quality and really reasonably priced (starts at $12.95, WAY cheaper than buying all the materials for a cute scrapbook. Anyhow, I know this sounds like a commercial, but I'm a huge fan of Blurb and so I try to tell other people who might like it too.

  4. hi nicole,
    thanks for tagging me and stopping by my blog! your blog design is sooo cute! have a great day!
    ps stop by and say "hi" anytime! :)


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