Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jason's Bday 5-13-11

Happy Birthday to Jason!

To celebrate Jason's 25th birthday I had planned to surprise him with a camping trip. After we moved that plan became unrealistic because all our camping gear is on a moving truck! So instead, I thought we could just have some outdoor fun and enjoy nature.

Read and enjoy....

One our way to __________ we saw this house. (I can't tell you where we are headed yet! You have to read on!) This is just one of many HUGE homes in Bellevue, WA. Bellevue is the headquarters of Microsoft so there are a lot of very rich people there.

Shelby was having the worst tantrum!
Were did we go you ask? Saint Edward State Park is a 316-acre (128 ha)-park in Kenmore, Washington and is part of the Washington State Park System. Before becoming a Catholic seminary and later a state park, the area was logged in the 19th century and again in the 1920s. A series of trails runs through the park for bicyclists and hikers. The forest canopy is primarily made up of the Coast Douglas-fir, Western Redcedar, Bigleaf Maple, Pacific Madrone and Western Hemlock. Its dense carpet includes many varieties of fern (mainly Western Sword Fern), shrub and moss. It is flanked on the west by an undeveloped beach on Lake Washington. The park surrounds the Saint Thomas Center, which houses Bastyr University.

Jason had me take a picture of the map just in case we got lost. Haha! He's smarter than he looks. ;)

The park surrounds the Saint Thomas Center (pictured here), which houses Bastyr University. We saw some hippy college students playing the drums and dancing barefoot with hula hoops in the grass....gotta love them hippies! Shelby loved the music and started dancing too!

Ready for the hike! It took a bit of convincing but we finally got Shelby into the backpack contraption. I'm not going to mention that we had to bribe her with candy...so just forget I mentioned it.

First we hiked a STEEP trail downhill which ended at Lake Washington. I got the backpack thingy at a garage sale for $2! BEST FIND TO DATE!

Lake Washington is a large freshwater lake adjacent to Seattle. It is the largest lake in King County and the second largest in the state of Washington, after Lake Chelan. It is bordered by the cities of Seattle on the west, Bellevue and Kirkland on the east, Renton on the south and Kenmore on the north, and surrounds Mercer Island. The lake is fed by the Sammamish River at its north end and the Cedar River at its south.

We hiked back up on a different trail because we're not crazy people! It wasn't near as steep but still enough to make our legs sore the next day! Shelby walked the whole way back. She loved every minute too.

Birthday surprise dessert! It shouldn't have been a surprise because he requested cheesecake but then he thought I forgot! So I guess is was a surprise after all. :)

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