Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get Me to the Greek!

Jason and I came across this wonderful little "fast food" joint in the mist of apartment searching. I am taking FULL CREDIT for the find due to the childish fact that "I saw it first!". LOL
That's beside the point.
We've eaten there twice and both dishes were delicious! They will ask you if you want to add feta. DO IT!
If there are any Washingtonians reading this, hear me when I say.... you must try this place.
Gyros Delight
4029 196th Street Southwest
Lynnwood, WA 98036-6714
(425) 774-4255

Since I referenced the movie "Get Him to the Greek " in the title of this post I thought it only appropriate to include a hilarious quote from the film. And what do ya know?! I stumbled upon a quote referencing Seattle! Hahah!

Aldous Snow: Aaron, look at what you're wearing. Do you think that now you live in Seattle, you're grunge or something? You look like a lesbian.
Aaron Green: Play the song, man.

So folks, (Yes, Mom. I said folks. Someone shoot me!) I will leave you with that laugh and a few pics of the yummy food I hope you are able to try! If not, MORE FOR ME! :) Did I mention they serve chocolate covered baklava! Enough said.

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