Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun in Seattle! 5-14-11

On Saturday the Seattle Aquarium was offering free admission to Boeing employees so we decided to take advantage of the free ticket and go. It turned our to be a perfect sunny day too!

Here is the HUGE fish tank that was the length of the wall. Shelby was captivated! Sorry the pics are so dark.

We also went on harbor tour!

"Since 1949, the Seattle Harbor Cruise has been a favorite attractions for millions of locals and visitors. Guests enjoy this special cruise that departs from Seattle's historic waterfront. Learn about Seattle's history and facts of the area while viewing the colorful waterfront, spectacular city skyline, one of the world's largest shipping terminals, and the majestic Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges during this 1-hour live narrated cruise of Elliott Bay and the Seattle Harbor. A fun, quick way to learn and take a cruise tour of Seattle. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase on board. The Harbor Cruise departs daily from the pier on the Seattle Waterfront, rain or shine. "

Cool with her shades!

If your curious about the weird ball thing, hold your horses. I will have a guest blogger here to explain it to you towards the end of the post.

The tour guide told us many neat facts about the buildings seen here.

We got the best seat in the house! Seriously...we had the best view of anyone on the ship and the tour guide was on our deck the entire time. He was funny too. :)

Jason was playing with the camera. COOL pic. He needs to teach me how to do that!

They were actually having tugboat races that day.

The 27th Annual competition is the largest tugboat race in the world and is one of many free family festivities that takes place as part of the Seattle Maritime Festival. "The festival is designed to celebrate and showcase our maritime industry and the important role it plays in the Puget Sound region's economy," commented the Seattle Propeller Club President

Because of the races the water was very rocky. It bothered both Jason and I but didn't seem to phase Shelby.

The Space Needle
Go HERE for the history of the Space Needle and some fun facts!

Our awesome tour guide took this picture. :) It was a little chilly on the cruise but "Brat Child" refused to wear her jacket.

Uhhh, this has something to do with Boeing, a contract, fixing something, and retro-fitting (whatever the heck that is). Jason knows what this weird looking thing is so here he is to tell you....

Attempt 1. (Man of few words.)
Sea-based X-band (SBX) missile defense radar.

Attempt 2.
Boeing began maintenance and upgrade activities last week in Seattle for the Sea-based X-band Radar (SBX), which arrived in port on May 10.

SBX is an oceangoing radar that identifies, tracks, and assesses the flight characteristics of ballistic missile threats. It provides an advanced capability to the United States' overall ballistic missile defense system.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency awarded Boeing a $27.1 million sole-source contract in April for the shipyard maintenance efforts, which are scheduled to be completed in August. Boeing has been the prime contractor for the SBX since 2003 and is responsible for all development, integration, testing and operations for the vessel platform and radar.


That's better, Jason! Thanks so much!!!

We had so much fun and it made for a wonderful weekend. I'm loving Seattle!

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