Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two Weeks Old

Our beautiful baby girl is now two weeks old. So far she has been a wonderful baby. She rarely cries for no reason at all, but simply to tell us that she needs something. I had heard many horror stories of babies that are up all night, but not her. She has slept through the night many times already. When she does become fussy she usually just wants to lay on our chest for a while to calm herself by listening to our heartbeat. We have tried to break her of this habit; we do not want her to start sleeping in our bed. A friend at work told Jason about a heartbeat bear. The bear makes the sound of a heartbeat; you lay it close to the child at night and it is supposed to sooth them to sleep. Well, we decided to give it a try and picked one up at Target. I was skeptical, but she seems to really like it! Last night when she began to fuss I gave her her pacifier and laid the bear next to her. Within a few minutes she was sucking on her pacifier, had snuggled up to the bear, and had her arm around her new friend. She was SO adorable! I bet she felt like a goldfish because both Jason and I were peering over her bassinet for the longest time absorbing the cuteness.
Last week her days consisted of mostly sleep and they still do, but I have noticed that she likes to be up more after feedings and loves to look around the room and into our faces. She has also developed a lot more facial expressions recently. I love to just hold her and watch what she does.
I used to feel that I needed to be holding her constantly and giving her endless attention, but I realized I would never get anything done. So, I have begun to tote her bouncy seat or swing around the house when I need to do some chores. She sits in her bouncy seat on the counter as I make dinner and sits in her swing in the bathroom as I clean the tub. I think she is amused by the activity and will usually sit contently and watch me do my work. I love to turn around and see her big eyes looking over at me. I know I must be just a big blur, but I like to see her watching me just the same.

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