Saturday, February 11, 2017

Annual Valentine's Tea Party!

Today was our annual Valentine's Tea Party! 

Abby was thrilled to have her friends playing in her 

 Dane, Elizabeth, Shelby, Brielle and Emma

 The spread- 2 delicious homemade treats that I can't recall, handmade chocolates and caramels, raspberries, grapes, fruit salad, apple slices, crusts off (of course) pb&j and turkey/cheese sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries and tea!
 Shelby picked out the adorable plush Valentine emoji's to give to her guests.

 The table setting 
 Selfie stick, fun props and "pearl" necklaces

 Yummy treats - mint chocolate hearts, chocolate dipped strawberries 
and white chocolate raspberry cookies
 Homemade chocolates!

 Dane with her puppy craft
 Rough housing!

 Silly girls! Abby was thrilled to have her friends playing in her room.
 Abby was so lady like and careful having tea on china!
 She loved her peppermint tea with one lump of sugar and cream.
 See the phone...Noma, Angela, was enjoying the party via FaceTime!
 Emma had fun spinning in the egg chair!
 Abby enjoyed coloring.

Abby helping me clean up after the party...
by standing next to me at the sink eating grapes.

The party was a huge success! The girls started by doing crafts, then played upstairs in the girls rooms for a while, then photos with the selfie stick. Next was the highly anticipated tea time! I reminded the girls to act lady like and place their napkins into their laps. Every year they get bigger and bigger and more grown up! This year I didn't have anyone blowing out the candles :) They sipped tea with sugar cubes and cream. They are delicious treats and chatted. The ladies and I also had some wonderful time to sit and visit. Suci and Jen stayed the whole time. Rachel and Liisa also came by to pick up their kiddos and chatted a while. Such a fun day!

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