Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring in SA

Jason is currently on a DTA (domestic temp assignment) with Boeing. He's working in San Antonio. So here we are...back in TX! The DTA ends May 31st but we will looks like we may be back in TX sometime in June for another DTA.

Yesterday Jason was working, as he does most Saturdays and Sundays, so Shelby and I entertained ourselves by checking out the Pearl Brewery Farmer's Market.

We both enjoyed browsing. It kinda felt like we were back in Seattle...there were hippies, bikers, dog walkers, preppy people, gays..... I got some great local/organic food! Raw local honey, onions, kale, free range eggs, and strawberries (see the pic of S-she couldn't wait to dig in).
They had live music which we loved! Shelby has her eye on the bakery stand...I was a "mean mom" and said no to the delectable pastries. I thought the yummy, ripe berries were sweet enough. :)

It was a sunny, breezy, cool day! A perfect day with my girl :)

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  1. What a lil doll with her berries! Luv it! Noma


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