Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day at home

Made a yummy breakfast of: local, farm fresh eggs, sprouted grain toast with raw, unsealed almond butter/corn syrup free strawberry jam/fresh strawberries, sliced tomato

I borrowed a huge pressure cooker from Mer to see how I like cooking with it.
Today I tried my hand at Caramelized Carrot Soup. It was fast, easy, and so good! Tonight or tomorrow I'm gonna try something with some lamb I got straight from the farmer. Can't wait!

The pic of S standing by the fridge is when she was putting a sticker on get reading chart.

See my shiny fridge? S and I cleaned it today.

Here is S posing in front of the table with her playdough creations. We used a mold to make Hello Kitty and a tea party set.

Lastly, here is the recipe I made this afternoon. Except I added coconut flakes and ground flax seed. It doesn't taste like raw cookie dough and Jason likes it too! I love finding good way to curb our sweet tooth!

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