Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thrift shopping, the beach....

The morning started off with the munchkin making her way to our bedroom this morning and falling asleep on the ground next to our bed. What a cutie pie!

Today we decided to explore west Seattle because we haven't spend a lot of time there.
I've included a few pics of west Seattle taken from a view point.
First, we went Alki beach. It was cold, 50, and windy so we didn't stay long but we can't wait to go back in the summer!
Next, we walked around some shops and wound up looking in bookstores for Landmark books. Jason collects them; he found three. There's 2 pics of Shelby with a stuffed tiger and lion. These were taken at a bookstore in the children's section. I loved looking thru the antique, consignment and thrift shops. Check out the gorgeous nightgown I found! It's so Mad Men! I should wear it with curlers in my hair and a cigaret! Hehehe! :D I also found this adorable, little rolling pin for Shelby to play playdough with. I also found a Pampered Chef stoneware bunt pan that retails for $35 plus tax and shipping for $5! Sweet deal!
Then the weather turned a little dreary so we headed into Northgate Mall. I shopped for some winter boots and while I was looking Shelby had quite a lot of fun trying on high heels! When we lived in La Vernia Shelby use to love raiding Dulce's closed and putting on her highest, most glamorous heels. :)

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