Saturday, October 13, 2012

Corn Maze

Tonight we went to Foster Farms in Arlington with some friends (Kris, Adrien, Rick, Kelli and kids).

Although I was not excited about the porta potties or "Honey Buckets" here in WA I as excited for the maze. It was my first time in one and Shelby's too!

First we walked thru their little hop and let munchkin pick out a little pumpkin. They were 50 cents. I gave her the quarters then let her pick out her pumpkin and pay the lady by herself.

Then off to the maze we went armed with maps and flashlights! We had to hunt for clues to solve a puzzle. About half way thru it started to rain. Before we knew it our shoes were caked and the maze was slippery. We called it quits.
Wet and muddy but lot of fun!
Shelby was a trooper. She had her own map and was very diligent about "writing" down each clue. Really she would just scribble :)

Now time to do dishes and head to bed!

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