Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun

We decided to host 2 foreign exchange students for the month of July. They are 16 year old girls.
The first one arrived last night. Her name's Lucia and she's from Spain.
So far she's been such a joy to have. She's polite, neat, and funny. She's also very good with Shelby.
I love talking with her about Spain! We are learning a lot about her country. She likes Coldplay and called her home town a "Villiage".
Today she slept in to recover from the long (15hr) flight. Then I made her a good breakfast and we set out to the library. Afterwards we went to the Mukilteo beach. It was a warm (78 degree), sunny day.
I just finished making Moroccan Vegetarian Stew an it's simmering away. I made low fat, low carb Black Bean Brownies for dessert.
We are watching Firefly right now, her choice. She likes it. Then we are heading to the mall. She's excited to go shopping.

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