Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Beautiful Sunny Day

Today it was 81 degrees and beautifully sunny! We took full advantage of it and went to Green Lake in Seattle.
First, we rented a paddle boat for an hour and paddled all over for a while. Then we got lazy, kicked out feet up and laid back. It was so relaxing! Just listening to the sound of the water hitting the boat. A few ducks came over and Shelby tossed a grape at them. To out surprise, the duck dove down in the water and caught it. That kept us entertained for a while. :)
After the paddles boat we headed to a beautiful grassy field and sped out a blanket. We had lunch and the Jason and Lucia shot some hoops. Inflated in the sun and read Hunger Games while Shelby threw a frisbee. relaxing!
Lastly, before I fell asleep in the grass, we went for a short walk around the lake before heading home.
Tonight we watched an episode of Firefly, had dinner, played Candy Land together, and we read some library books with Shelby.
Now Jason and I are watching a movie, Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World by Ken Ham.
A very good day it was!

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