Sunday, January 1, 2012


We headed out to Hyak Sno-Park at 11am with our ice chest packed, the snow chains ready to go just in case, and all our newly purchased second-hand snow gear on. We were ready to sled!!!

 Sporting her long johns and ready to rock!
We drove thru Snoqualmie Pass on I90.
Snoqualmie Pass
At first we saw some snow covered peaks here and there and before we knew it, snow was all around us!


Enter the Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forest. Almost there....
Daddy was the bravest and sled first.

I was very scared to go on the big slope with all the rowdy boys. They were running to get a head start and FLYING down the hill. They would hit the jumps and go flying into one another. Me on the other hand, I started slow and sled starting and halfway down the slope, building my steering abilities and confidence. Then after 3 or 4 small runs I trudged to the very top, took a breath and pushed off the powdery snow. I overcame my fear! Anytime I felt myself gaining too much speed and losing control I would "snow plow" with my feet.
The hill of death that the children weren't scared of. However, I .....eeek!

We started out on the kiddy hill to get the hang of our "new" sleds. They were a gift from one of Jason's friends at Boeing.

Looking down the slope!
Starting to sled halfway down the big slope because I'm a wimp. ;)
Helping my girl up the slope.

Waiting on Mommy

Ready or not. Here I go.....

Go guys, go!

Taking a "warm up" break with her blanket.
"Shelby, put your hand down so I can take the picture!" This phrase is often repeated to no avail in our house.
Sweet moment on the slopes
We had to clear the slope for them to "sweep" it.

Sandwich time
Squinting in the sun
"Shelby, smile at the stranger so he can take our picture!"

Here are some videos of our day. 

False Alarm
Kiddy Slope

Mama's First Run

2nd Run

Snow Plowing Mommy

Sledder's Perspective 

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